5 Best In-Wall Speakers Review – 2017

When you choose to buy audio components for any audio set up or home theater, it is important to buy the right speakers.

The output that you achieve depends on the equipment and more importantly on its placement.

It is important to keep in mind that sound waves bounce and reflect. This is the reason why sound from one speaker can impact the listener from different directions.

The various factors that can affect sound are the room, its contents and the location and direction of the speakers.

Gone are the days when speakers would be bulky and large. Speakers are now sleek and stylish and they are chosen in accordance with the décor of the room. Many people also choose to buy in-wall speakers.

In-wall speakers are flush mounted in a wall or ceiling. They do not occupy any space and are barely noticeable sometimes.

There are many types of in-wall speakers available today. Here is a review of the 5 best in-wall speakers to help you choose the one most suitable for you.

Below are the 5 Best In-Wall Speakers Review – 2017:

  1. Polk Audio 255C-RT | Best In-ceiling center channel speaker – 2017

Polk Audio 255C-RT In-wall / In-ceiling center channel...
119 Reviews
Polk Audio 255C-RT In-wall / In-ceiling center channel...
  • With a Vanishing Series in-wall center channel speaker, you have the centerpiece of a...
  • Vanishing Series built-in speakers feature our exclusive wafer-thin Sheer-Grille, a...
  • Dual band pass bass ports are highly efficient in small enclosures, and smoothly...
  • Easy one-cut, drop-in installation puts built-in audio within reach, with Perfect Fit...
  • Dimension(inches):7.625 h x 13.125 w

This speaker signifies stealth and it is the perfect centerpiece of a world-class home theater system.


  • Crystal clear sound: This Vanishing Series 255c-RT gives you crystal clear sound with directional effects. All you can see is the screen and all you can hear is the best sound with dynamic detail. It can also be painted to match any décor to blend with the surroundings.
  • Great design: The Polk Audio 255C-RT in-wall speaker featuresthe wafer-thin and unique Sheer-Grille. This exclusive feature consists of a grille, which is secured magnetically, and it delivers almost transparent sound. The grille protrudes only 7mm out of the wall.
  • Power Port: It has a patented bass venting design. This design gives you a deep and more efficient bass impact since it smoothly transitions the airflow, thus eliminating distortion and turbulence.
  • Timbre matching: You can easily use this with the Polk Audi RTi speakers, as they are timbre-matched to give you a seamless blend of both the traditional and built-in speaker systems.
  • Easy to setup:Setting this up is easy due to its Perfect Fit templates, a precision flange and available pre-construction brackets. All these features along with the patented Rotating Cam system give you a secure and efficient installation without any vibration.
  1. Klipsch R-5502-W II | Make the speaker disappear, great price too – 2017

Klipsch R-5502-W II In-Wall Speaker - White (Each)
17 Reviews
Klipsch R-5502-W II In-Wall Speaker - White (Each)
  • 1" (2.54cm) Titanium diaphragm compression driver mated to pivoting 90° x 90°...
  • Dual 5.25" CerametallicTM cone woofers
  • Perfect for left, center or right channel use
  • Easily mounts horizontally or vertically
  • Horn-loaded technology increases acoustic output while significantly reducing...

This speaker delivers music and movie sound performances perfectly and that too without taking up any floor or shelf space.


  • Versatile: This speaker works perfectly as a left, center or right channel speaker and it easily fills even the large rooms with sound.
  • Well designed: It has an all-new grille design, which looks elegant. The frame size is reduced by 90% and the grill depth is reduced by more than 80%. This makes it easy to blend in with the wall. The stainless steel magnetic grille, which can be attached tightly and securely greatly, reduces and almost eliminates resonant distortion.
  • Woofer: The dual 5.25inch Cerametallic woofers give you a defined bass. They use solid Aluminum diaphragms and also have a new look.
  • Tractrix horn with tweeter: The horn-loaded technology of Klipsch increases acoustic output and reduces distortion significantly. The horn can also pivot and this enables it to aim the sound directly to the main listening area.
  • Along with the Tractrix horn, the 1inch Titanium diaphragm compression driver or tweeter gives you smoothness and high-frequency detail.
  • Bass and treble switches: With the ability of the bass and treble switches you do not need to worry about challenging install applications. They allow reduction of high and/or low frequency output and give you a better frequency balance even in reflective rooms or corner placement.
  1. Yamaha NSIC800WH | Best In ceiling surround sound speakers – 2017

Yamaha NSIC800WH 140-Watts 2-Way RMS Speaker -- White...
222 Reviews
Yamaha NSIC800WH 140-Watts 2-Way RMS Speaker -- White...
  • Crossover Type-2-way;Maximum Frequency Response-28 kHz; Physical...
  • RMS Output Power-140 W;Impedance-8 Ohm; Physical Characteristics-Depth-4.3;
  • Driver Type-Dome; Crossover Frequency-3.50 kHz; Physical...
  • Slim profile design for flush in-celing or wall mounting
  • Sealed back cover protects against dust and moisture

This in-ceiling speaker looks clean and gives you a clean sound.


  • High quality sound: These speakers havean 8inch blue polypropylene or PP mica cone woofer, which makes them moisture resistant. This gives you a high performance and sound reproduction in the mid-low spectrum. These large woofers also give you a deep and noticeable bass.
  • These woofers when paired with the 1inch tweeters give you great clarity and range. The tweeter is a 1inch fluid-cooled soft-dome swivel tweeter that provides exact position of a sound.
  • They are great to use as surround speakers or front left and right speakers as well.
  • Great design: Its slim design is perfect for flush mount, also known as an in-ceiling mount. It also has a sealed back cover, which protects the speaker and crossover from dust and moisture.
  • It has a grain-finished acoustic baffle with spiral pattern to enable the sound to disperse naturally.
  • Easy installation: Installing the speaker is simple. It has a grille, which is paintable to suit any décor. It will look good with any color scheme. The grille also has magnets for quick installation.
  • The large mounting clamp and non-slip tread give you superior grip.
  1. Acoustic Audio HD728 | Best in-wall speakers home theater – 2017

Acoustic Audio HD728 7.2 Home Theater Speaker System...
40 Reviews
Acoustic Audio HD728 7.2 Home Theater Speaker System...
  • (4) 8" Rectangular In-Wall/Ceiling Speakers, (2) 8" Round In-Wall/Ceiling Speakers,...
  • Sensitivity is 100dB with 26-22,000 Hz Frequency Response
  • These are voice matched speakers to get the seamless, consistent tone necessary for a...
  • Rectangular Speakers: Cut Out Size is 8.75" x 12.66" per speaker, Overall Size is...
  • Center Channel: Cut Out Size: 19.25" x 7.5", Overall Size: 20.5" x 8.75" and Mounting...

This package has all the components necessary for you to build your own home theater surround sound system.


  • What it contains:
  1. Four rectangular front in-wall HD speakers,
  2. Two round rear in-ceiling HD speakers,
  3. One dedicated true center channel in-wall HD speaker and
  4. Two 10inch in-wall HD sub-woofers.

All of these speakers are voice matched so that you get a seamless, consistent tone. It is the perfect combination of speakers for you to create your very own home theater surround sound system.

  • Flush mounted: All of these speakers can be flush mounted into any wall or ceiling. They will not only blend in seamlessly but they will also help you to save your valuable shelf or floor space. The grilles are white but they can be painted to match the décor in any space.
  • Capacity to handle power: This entire system can handle 2,750 watts of power. The reason for this is that is features authentic 6.5inch Kevlar cones, butyl rubber surrounds and titanium tweeters.
  • Easy to install:The speakers have quick-turn mounting arms and this makes them easy to install.
  • What else it includes: The package includes the speaker wire. You also get a non-amplified sub woofer. However, you will need to buy an external amplifier to use the sub woofer.
  1. Bose Virtually Invisible 191 | High Quality in wall speakers – 2017

Bose Virtually Invisible 191 speakers (Pair)
42 Reviews
Bose Virtually Invisible 191 speakers (Pair)
  • Proprietary ported enclosure produces cleaner and deeper low-frequency performance...
  • Proprietary enclosure technology ensures consistent performance regardless of space...
  • Includes both rectangular and round grille frames and grilles.White grilles are...
  • Use as in-wall surround sound speakers with your home theater components or your...
  • This item is Non-Returnable

The speakers are aptly named, as you will not even realize that they are there. Only their performance will remind you of their presence.


  • Speaker performance: This Stereo Everywhere speaker performance gives you a balanced stereo sound, which covers a wide area. This is unlike most of the home audio speakers available today, which radiate the sound mostly in one single direction.
  • Speaker design: This speaker uses the Articulated Array speaker design, which uses the precisely positioned drivers inside the speaker cabinet. This gives you a very broad sound, which is more even throughout the listening area.
  • Ease of installation and attractive design: This speaker can be easily installed due to the enclosure that balances easily into the wall while you are placing it there. Now you don’t need to juggle things. You can easily use both your hands to connect the speaker wire and finish the installation process.

The package includes both round and rectangular grilles so that you can choose the best shape according to the décor. The grill frames are paintable and they flush to your wall to make the speaker almost tough to spot.


If you are looking for a package that would suit the requirements of a home theater then the Acoustic Audio HD728 is a great choice.It has a good combination of speakers and it comes at a very good price.

Among the rest of the speakers, the Polk Audio 255C-RT would be a great choice. With its range of features and competitive price it is surely a product that you should keep in mind during your decision process. It is one of the best in-wall speakersand in-ceiling speakers. It has earned high ratings and great reviews online. It is definitely a product you should consider buying.

Top Models Key Spec
Polk Audio 255C-RT Sheer-Grille which protrudes only 7mm, patented bass venting design, timbre-matched with the Polk Audi RTi speakers
Klipsch R-5502-W II Tractrix horn with 1inch tweeter, dual 5.25inch Cerametallic woofers, Bass and treble switches present
Yamaha NSIC800WH 8inch blue polypropylene or PP mica cone woofer, 1inch fluid-cooled soft-dome swivel tweeter, grille with magnets for easy installation, can be used as surround speakers or front left and right speakers
Acoustic Audio HD728 Can handle 2,750 watts of power due to its authentic 6.5inch Kevlar cones, butyl rubber surrounds and titanium tweeters,package includes the speaker wire and a non-amplified sub woofer
Bose Virtually Invisible 191 Stereo Everywhere speaker, Articulated Array speaker design, both round and rectangular grilles included, paintable grille and grille frames, easy installation



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