5 Best Tower Speakers | Review and Buyers Guide – 2017

Excellent picture quality alone is not enough for a good home theatre system. Excellent audio quality must accompany good videos.

If the sound system should match your Hi-Definition TV images, you need to choose the correct speakers for your home theatre.

If you are looking for big, powerful, and clearsounds from your audio system, it is a good idea to choose tower speakers for producing the needed audio effects.

Tower speakers also known as floor standing speakers have large acoustic chambers which can deliver powerful surround effects for songs, movies, video games and jamming music.

A good pair of tower speakers are a vital part of any premium-quality audio setup. The best tower speakers that are on review in this article are some of the best offerings in the audio and music scene today.

Our dedicated guide to these floor standing speakers will enumerate the various benefits of these products and help you choose one that is best suited for you.

Why does Pioneer SP-FS52 qualify for an awesome tower speaker for your home -2017?

Pioneer SP-FS52 Andrew Jones Designed Floor standing...
434 Reviews
Pioneer SP-FS52 Andrew Jones Designed Floor standing...
  • Highly acclaimed and award winning series of speakers
  • RF Molded Curved Cabinets to reduce internal standing waves
  • Three 5-1/4" Structured Surface Woofers with oversized magnets and vented pole pieces...
  • 1" High Efficiency Soft Dome Tweeter for smooth high frequency reproduction even at...
  • 8 Element Complex Crossover perfectly blends audio between the woofer and tweeter for...

The Pioneer SP-FS52 is a well-known and popular product which offers fabulous sound quality at an affordable price.  These floor standing speakers which come with 3 5-1/4” structured surface woofers and a 1” high efficiency soft dome tweeter gives a 130watt power and has an 8element crossover. The speakers are sold individually too.

The SP-FS52 are awesome tower speakers for your home because they offer great precision in the midrange. The sound quality produced is very natural and could provide a great audio experience for your home theatre system.

The pricing is apt for those looking at quality sound components at a budgeted range.

These speakers are good in producing natural audio effects for dialogue and background score in movies. They play well over different genres of music and give great clarity in terms of spacing and differentiatingthe instruments and vocals. Overall, they do not overemphasize on the frequencies and give great sound effects.

The bass quality of the Pioneer speakers is only average. However, when a subwoofer accompanies the SP-FS52, a lack of decent bass effect almost goes unnoticed.

The Onkyo SKF – 4800 may be the best buy tower speakers – 2017 in the budgeted price range:

Onkyo SKF-4800 2-Way Bass Reflex Floor-standing...
149 Reviews
Onkyo SKF-4800 2-Way Bass Reflex Floor-standing...
  • Twin 16 cm cone woofers
  • 2.5 cm soft-dome tweeter
  • Max. input power: 130 W
  • Banana Plug Compatible Speaker Posts
  • Woofer equalizer enables fast and accurate response

The Onkyo SKF-4800 comes with two 16cms cone woofers, a 2.5cm soft-dome tweeter that give a maximum input power of 130W.

The Onkyo are stylish floor standing speakers that can bring the much-needed energy and depth to your music and home entertainment system. At any given volume level, the sound output is balanced and natural. These are great speakers that can give any genre of music, classical to pop and rock, great and enjoyable effects.

The Onkyo speakers are packed with great bass punch and bass power. Thus, the and quality produced is very good at the highs as well as the mid ranges and the low ranges. These speakers have great potential and perform well during any music jamming session.

For the price at which they are offered, the Onkyo SKF – 4800 could well be the best buy tower speakers-2017 for their dynamics and smooth tonal quality.

However, they are not very sensitive and lacking in the clarity department, when compared to the other models in the same price range. Overall, it must be mentioned that the speakers give a full-bodied dimensionality for the price that they are offered at.

The Fluance AVHTB – An affordable option for very good floor standing speakers – 2017

Fluance AVHTB Surround Sound Home Theater 5.0 Channel...
149 Reviews
Fluance AVHTB Surround Sound Home Theater 5.0 Channel...
  • Skillfully timbre matched 5 speaker system that will envelope you with every nuance...
  • Premium 1" titanium soft dome tweeter ferrofluid cooled for vibrant high-frequency...
  • 4" poly-coated midrange drivers with butyl rubber surrounds for delivering rich clear...
  • Audio-grade MDF wood construction to reduce cabinet resonance and reproduce natural...
  • Full lifetime parts and labor manufacturer's direct warranty with lifetime customer...

It is a general notion that excellent acoustics is possible only when one is willing to splurge on an audio system. With the Fluance AVHTB, your audio experience is bound to be highly satisfying. The Fluance is a 5speaker system with a one-inch titanium soft dome tweeter and comes with 4” poly-coated midrange drivers and 6.5” woofer for the low frequency response.

Fluance speakers produce amazing sound quality and well qualify as very good floor standing speakers – 2017. The economical pricing does not seem to have affected the excellent features that are on offer with this product. The sound delivered is truly impressive.

The lack of a sub-woofer hampers the great audio experience and the quality produced is largely dependent on the source material. The clarity and tonal smoothness is top-grade and the surround effects are natural and offer an immersive experience.

Though these speakers may not make it to the top of an audiophile’s favourite, the product does have its merits and could well qualify to be an apt accompaniment for watching movies and playing video games in your home theatre.

Does the Sony SSCS3 qualify for the best among the best floor standing speakers on sale -2017?

Sony SSCS3 3-Way Floor-Standing Speaker (Single)
126 Reviews
Sony SSCS3 3-Way Floor-Standing Speaker (Single)
  • 3-way, 4-speaker bass-reflex system, 5-1/4" Foamed-Mica Cellular Reinforced Woofer,...
  • 3/4" Sony Super Tweeter for immersive sound staging, Sound Reproduction to 50kHz (for...
  • Optimized Crossover componentry for a clear audio path, 145 W Maximum Input Power,...

Sony has produced some noteworthy audio products in the past. With the SSCS3, they have attempted to provide quality sound system at a budgeted range. The 3-way 4-driver floor standing speakers give a real sound expression to your home theatre experience.

The SSCS3 speakers do pay attention to detail and the audio effects are clear. The bass effect is tight and the sound balance and tonal quality are bang on! The whole system comes with 2 tower speakers, a mini-speaker/ woofer, a centre speaker and a subwoofer.  The tower speakers and mini-speakers are counted among the best, because of their super-tweeters.

The bass effects are very good in the upper and lower midrange area which makes for an easy to hear sound experience. The overall sound quality is natural and reasonably dynamic. However, the surround effects are not so great and changes with different positions in the room.

The Sony SSCS3 may not really be the best floor standing speaker on sale-2017, but it does provide an enjoyable audio experience in its price range.

The Samsung TW – J5500 – the best tower speakers with Bluetooth – 2017

Samsung TW-J5500 2.2 Channel 350 Watt Wired Audio Sound...
93 Reviews
Samsung TW-J5500 2.2 Channel 350 Watt Wired Audio Sound...
  • - Inch 350W (2.2 Ch)
  • Subwoofer: Built In 6"
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth
  • Wall Mountable: No
  • Inputs: USB, Optical, Anynet + (HDMI-CEC), TV Sound Connect

The Samsung TW-J5500 is a dynamic 2.2 channel that produces outstanding bass effects and highly detailed sound experience. This is a stylishly designed set of speakers and has a wireless connect with Samsung TV and can stream audio from any Bluetooth compatible device.

It is a very good addition to your home theatre equipment and delivers a wide range of music with great aplomb and quality. That it has a wireless connectivity, does make it qualified for the best tower speakers with Bluetooth – 2017.

The bass quality is deep and clear, because of the superior woofer quality and these Samsung floor-standing speakers enable the listener to enjoy a wide variety of entertainment from music to movies and video games.

These tower speakers deliver an impactful sound quality that work in the high, mid, and low ranges. But, these speakers cannot be combined with any other system. The cable length can be inadequate and the speakers are not compatible with any other system’s wiring. There are complaints that the quality snags at the higher frequencies.


An average music enthusiast would always like to keep things simple when it comes to choosing a sound system for his home theatre setup. The sound quality must match the video quality to make for an enjoyable experience.

When choosing an acoustic setup, it is best to keep in mind the dimensions of the room and determine the nature and frequency of usage.

The above mentioned are some of the best tower speakers that deliver excellent and life-like sound quality at unbelievably economical prices.

Most of these sound systems are easy to assemble and you can always choose the right equipment for your surround system after thoroughly understanding what the products have to offer at various levels.

Model Key Specs
Pioneer SP-FS52 Item weight – 25.8. Product Dimensions – 35.2*10.6*8.9 inches. Wattage power – 130. Impedance -6 ohms.


Onkyo SKF- 4800 Item weight- 72.8 pounds. Product Dimensions – 40.6*12*11.6 inches.

Max. input power – 130 watts.

Fluance AVHTB Item weight- 62 pounds. Product Dimensions – 37.5*28.2*13 inches.
Sony SSCS3 Item weight – 10 pounds. Product Dimensions- 40.1*14.2*11.6 inches.

Input power wattage-145 watts. Impedance -6 ohms

Samsung TW-J5500 Item weight-61.1pounds. Product Dimensions-41.1*14.2*19.3 inches. Output wattage-350 watts. Colour – black. Impedance- 1ohm


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